Introducing 10G

Mediacom, the first major cable company in the United States to launch 1 gigabit per second speeds across its national network, is excited to introduce the next great leap in broadband technology, 10G.

Michael Powell, President & CEO, NCTA-Internet & Television Association presents 10G at CES2019, the world’s largest technology event.

Mediacom & Our 10G Partners

The 10G platform is an expansion of Mediacom’s existing fiber-rich network, enabling delivery of symmetrical residential internet speeds 10 times faster than our currently available 1 Gbps offerings, in addition to improvements in latency, reliability and security. Together with our international technology partners, we are combining from our private capital with our gigabit leadership, research and develop resources to deploy 10G expediently to cities and towns across America.
(NCTA, CableLabs, Arris, Nokia, Intel, Comcast, Spectrum, Cox)

Learn More About 10G and Your Community

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