What is 10G?

What is 10G?

10G is not a single technology; nor does it mean it is twice the speed of 5G. 10G is the broadband technology platform that can handle more data from more devices 10 times faster than today’s fastest cable broadband networks.

The 5 Core Elements of 10G

10G provides ultrafast symmetrical speeds. That means the same lightning-fast speed uploading as downloading. But network speed isn’t the only feature of 10G. Its reduced latency, enhanced reliability and security features will boost the customer experience; and these qualities will open doors to countless new immersive digital experiences and other emerging technologies.

10G Features

Speeds 10X Faster than today’s fastest networks

Symmetrical upload and download speeds

Higher network reliability

Increased security

More privacy

Low latency

Frequently Asked Questions About 10G

Learn More About 10G and Your Community

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