Quotes in the News

Quotes in the News

“What the cable industry is promising with 10G are speeds that are ten times faster than today’s fastest networks, along with low latency or network responsiveness. The tech is symmetrical, meaning fast speeds apply to both uploads and downloads. The backers of 10G also say this futuristic broadband will be more secure and reliable, of which time will tell.”

– USA Today


“This year we began delivering 1 gig residential broadband services to our customers’ homes and we are committed to deliver 10 gig residential broadband services to our customers’ homes. It’ll bring lower latency, more capacity, higher speeds, better security.” – Pat Esser, President of Cox Communications

– FOX Business


“But the point of the group's 10G push, according to the NCTA, is to build the speed and capacity that can enable new experiences and meet demand for future innovations. That's especially relevant at CES, when companies from around the world pack Vegas with tech that needs high-capacity networks to function, like devices to manage smart homes or those that create immersive experiences like augmented reality.”



“The NCTA is partnering with CableLabs and Cable Europe to try to steal some of the marketing thunder from 5G wireless chest-thumpers at CES this week.”

– Multichannel News


“Intel will provide 10-gigabit-per-second chips for upgraded cable TV broadband networks as a number of cable firms tout a technology roadmap amid a possible 5G wireless challenge from Verizon Communications.”

– Investor’s Business Daily


“Cable providers had plenty to be proud of in the past year, rolling out gigabit speeds to 80% of homes, but the industry is proving that it’s not content with standing still by introducing a 10G broadband initiative. And no, cable didn’t come to that name just by doubling 5G. At a breakfast panel at CES Wednesday morning, NCTA pres/CEO Michael Powell said the name shows a drive to deliver 10G speeds to consumers around the globe. It will live side-by-side with 5G and WiFi to support future tech needs while delivering faster speeds. Sounds like a lofty goal, but most of the innovation battle has already been fought on this front.”

– Cablefax


“The cable industry joined the fray this week at CES 2019, the consumer electronics show in Las Vegas, by unveiling ‘10G,’ a reference to cable companies’ goal of providing wired broadband service at 10-gigabit speeds. The acronym is unrelated to cellphone carriers’ fifth-generation wireless technology, though the parallel branding wasn’t lost on wireless executives.

‘Cable companies want to highlight their efforts to boost broadband speeds beyond the 1-gigabit speeds on offer today,’ said Brian Dietz, a spokesman for cable trade group NCTA. ‘Our industry felt like it was important to be in that conversation as well,’ he said.”

– The Wall Street Journal

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